About Us

Safety First, Satisfied, Save Time and Money

The company for the benefit of the public, spent a decade of effort to integrate the four areas:

  • Car Owner       
  • Workshop 
  • Auto Part 
  • Used Car Sale

provide our clients with professional tax planning, e-file tax returns, book-keeping, accounting and business advisory services.

In order to develop a new Business model, so that everyone can share resources in this platform. Altruistic basis under the principle of creating a positive energy field.

Owners enjoy the maximum benefit, the depot will be more professional and be recognized. Entire business chain had a market value, so that everyone become a winner.


Our country become the world’s countries with the lowest accident rate.


Leading new trend of car maintenance, promote new culture of car safety.


  • Let all road users can enjoy the fun of driving pleasure and safe return home.
  • People think car ownership is no longer a burden but a pleasure.
  • Raise public areas of expertise of the Bank’s trust and recognition.